What a difference!

I'm so in love with the new slipcover I got for our couch in our den (from Target of course). It wasn't that I didn't love the beautiful green plaid of the couch, it was that I pretty much despised it.

Anyway, it's actually a little more tealy than blue and is now covered with a bunch of fuzzy white, light yellow (the walls are now light yellow with white trim) and tealy pillows.

So, two questions for you. 1) Where might I find a small, circular, white fuzzy rug? (Preferrably at a cheap to reasonable price...) 2) I have this annoying slab of ugly carpet – two feet by 8 feet – right next to the sliding glass door. I was thinking of putting a runner on top of it to hide it, but am not sure what kind of runner to look for. Any suggestions?

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