Blast from the past

What a great weekend! BP and I finally had a chance to do some heavy duty cleaning. I was certainly on a role, filling garbage bags left and right with old cassette tapes, high school memorabilia and clothes to take to Goodwill. It feels so great to get rid of crap.

Some stuff, though, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to part with. Like my back-when-Isiah-Joe-John-Dennis-and-Bill-ruled-the-NBA Detroit Pistons basketball cards or my circa 1985 pretty pink sticker album. Believe it or not, a large majority of my scratch ‘n sniff stickers still smell!

I love my sticker album. It takes me back.


M said...

Yes! Sticker albums rule! I adore mine as well and would NEVER part with it.

Wonder if kids nowadays would appreciate the simplicity (and greatness) of sticker books?

Tiny said...

Yeah... I'm not sure if kids today would get it. Too many toys that make noise, move or dance with you.

Oh how I loved my fuzzy stickers.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

Oh! Yay for stickerbooks! You know, I always loved the scratch-n-sniff ones.

And, I also loved the fuzzy ones, too.

And, do you remember those kinda puffy ones? They were plastic feeling?

Oh, how I loved sticker books...

Sarah said...

Although I was definitely never a Pistons fan...I absolutely LOVED sticker books. My most favorite sticker I ever had was a scrath and sniff pickle. Oh, I can smell it now!

and Kylee...I also liked the puffy ones. Except that, eventually, the puffy stuff underneath would get crappy and then the plastic top would just come off and all you'd be left with was the nasty foam with sticky under it!

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

Sarah, I totally remember that. You'd always end up losting the plastic top and be stuck with that icky middle part. :-( Ugh.

I love remembering this stuff