Kids movies rule

I don’t remember all that much about “The Dark Crystal.” I do remember, though, that I LOVED it. Looking at the cover now, I can’t believe I wasn’t scared of it. (I am, of course, the same girl who had to go home from a slumber party in first grade because I was terrified of “The NeverEnding Story.” The part where the horse sinks in the quicksand is still too much for me to take.)

Other random movies/tv shows I quite enjoyed as a child?

Return to Oz
Clue (still my fav)
The Muppets
Fraggle Rock
Return to Oz
The Gettalong Gang
The Snorks

What were your favorites?


Two/Dos Pretzels said...

I have never seen The Dark Crystal. Interesting.

You know, I think the only "kids" movie I loved were Disney. Really.

Though I faintly remember loving a movie about an elephant or something? Hmmm...

Oh! I loved American Tale.

Andrew said...

Alice in Wonderland
Garbage Pail Kids the movie
That Genesis music video with those creepy puppets

Alright I'm done.

Tiny said...

Wow. Did A actually make an appearance on my blog?!

Good one Kylee! I loved American Tale too! (Only the first one, though... not the West one...)

Sarah said...

OMG!!!! I loved the Dark Crystal!!! I actually talk about it quite often, and no one ever knows what I'm talking about!
(I always say that strange looking people look like the dark crystal characters!)

wrestling kitties said...

I am sorry, i have never heard of this movie! I was also all about Disney - Loved everything disney as well as the Neverending Story, Annie, and Alice and Wonderland!

But this looks very interesting!

Jo King said...

ET scared me to death as a kid and still freaks me out a bit...I used to think it was hiding under my bed. ET is a very odd looking creature and an alien...no wonder!

Tiny said...

Sarah, can you refresh my memory? What was the plot of The Dark Crystal? (I soooooo need to rent it again!)

Tiny said...

Hey there Jo King!!! Nice to have you:)

I guess I really don't have strong feelings either way on ET... I think I've only ever really seen it once!

Sarah said...

I don't remember the plot specifically, but it goes something like this:

There were two types of creatures - once they were one, but split and now one of the groups ruled their planet. There were three suns on this planet, and they had to go on a mission to fix the "dark crystal" so that the one group wouldn't be able to rule forever.

The main character, named Jen? i believe, thought he was the chosen one and had to go on the mission.

I'm going to have to rent this and watch it again. THinking about it, it is probably a little more deep than most kids could understand.

Sarah said...

yeah...that's Jen in your picture. Jen is a boy..the one with the dark hair. And I think the blond girl's name was Kara or Kira or something.

Tiny said...

Awesome! Thanks Sarah!!!

OnlyinSeptember said...

i miss clarrissa explains it all. it was an old 90's tv show on nickelodeon... i, like alot of others, loved alice in wonderland. i also liked the disney version of sword in the stone. take care!

Ridindirty said...

How old were you when Clue came out? Does that count as a kid movie? Thundercats and Voltron ruled. That Cheetarah was a looker....Also, don't forget the muppet movies including the Great Muppet Caper with Charles Grodin..

Mz Benz said...

"Clarissa Explains It All"! Good one. I remember there was some other show on Nicklodeon where the kids would sit around a campfire and tell scary stories... don't remember what it was called though. Other faves include:

Pirates of Dark Water
Duck Tails

And my all time favorite, the Super Mario Brothers Super Show.