For the seafood lover in you

OK. I realize that it's only a little before 9 a.m... but I can't help it. When anyone talks about my fav restaurant, I start salivating. (Thanks C and M.)

In case you're not familiar with all Red Lobster has to offer, here are a few dishes that I highly recommend:

1) Snow crab legs
2) Cajun shrimp linguini
3) Shrimp lovers platter
Roasted Tilapia in a Bag
5) Shrimp scampi

Of course, for you non-seafood lovers (!), RL also offers a variety of dishes to please your palette such as steak, grilled chicken, aztek chicken and cajun chicken linguini – just to name a few.

Oh, and make sure you try RL's famous Cheddar Bay Biscuits while your there. I guarantee you'll go home incredibly satisfied.

* BP, we're going to have to go to Crab Crackin' Monday again soon... I can't fight this craving much longer.


wrestling kitties said...

Oh!! Red Lobster - very nice! Nothing beats fresh seafood if you live near an ocean...but this is a good place for us inlanders!!! I was disappointed with Red Lobster for awhile (a lot of butter) but T and I went there a few months agao and I thought it was wonderful! So good!!

M said...

Hmm... I don't think I'm brave enough to order anything from the sea just yet. The biscuits, on the other hand, sound a little like Heaven.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

I would cut off my left pinky toe for a cheddar bay biscuit right now.

(I think that knowing that I cannot eat something, even if I crave it, is that much worse...)