A quest for knowledge

Happy Friday blog readers!

After witnessing an insanely too difficult (RIDICULOUS!) quiz bowl yesterday, I realized that there is MUCH I don’t know. (I suppose I was aware of the fact that I didn't know that much before the quiz bowl...) Anyway, I thought I’d list a few subjects I find incredibly interesting that I’d love to learn more about.

1) The Civil War
2) French (the language as opposed to the people)
3) Geography (any and all)
4) Politics/religion/history of the Middle East
5) Cooking/baking
6) Buddhism
7) Art (preferably by artists of the Renaissance)
8) Blogging (gotta keep up with changing technology)

I recognize that it takes people a lifetime to truly learn about some of these subjects… Don’t know if I’ll actually start researching, but, who knows? For the moment, I’m maintaining my optimism.

Photo available at http://contenderministries.org/buddhism/buddha.gif.


wrestling kitties said...

Go for it! I love watching the history channel and discovery channel and any other channel that talks about the history of things! So go for it!!

But based what you told me about the quiz bowl, not even the people who where there to personnaly whitness the history would know the answers to those questions!!

kofiannan said...

At least you now know who Kofi Annan is.

Also, Antietam was the bloodiest single day in the Civil War, representation not slavery was the spark that started the Civil war, Fort Sumter was attacked by the South in South Carolina as the first agression, the North had terrible battlefield leadership but an overwhelming human, capital and material advantage and one of the turning points of the war was when Stonewall Jackson (Confederate general) was shot accidentally by his own troop....he later died of infection.

Tiny said...

Interesting kofiannan.... Interesting...