Bad advertising.

Had the opportunity to dine in Mayberry’s finest establishment this weekend with A, B, B and M. In case the grotesque man with the unappetizing burger and Big Boy tee didn’t tip you off, we went to Big Boy.

We had as lovely a time as possible – even after my bro-in-law showed us a graphic of the largest Big Boy I’ve ever seen complete with no shirt on and only one suspender fastened. Seriously, who’s in charge of advertising here? Why would anyone think to brand a restaurant with an extremely frightening, obese boyman?

Photo available at file:///Users/Admin/Desktop/bigboy.html.


Cdogg said...

I would have to say that Four Star is Mayberry's finest, NOT Big Boy. Big Boy has shitty service, nasty food and the bathrooms are always flooded.
FOUR STAR BABY! Its not just a name.

Tiny said...

Hehehe... Awesome. I must disagree, though. I'll give you the chicken noodle soup from Four Star, but Big Boy's gourmet spaghetti and oreo mud pie are unbeatable.

Seriously, what are you doing using any of the restroom facilities at either anyway? Can't you make it that 1.5 miles back home?

Cdogg said...

Well, Oreo Mud Pie is tasty, and I've never had the speghetti, but...
Every time I go to Big Boy I feel like I must search my food with a toothpick to find all the hidden suprises, like band-aids, rat droppings and pubes.

Now, Four Star is where its at. They have the sloppiest, greasiest breakfast ever known to man and coffee strong enough to wake the dead.

Tiny said...

Eew. Big Boy will never be the same. Thanks a lot cdogg!