Speed limits

Speed limits. The government sets these velocity requirements as a way to ensure law, order and, above all, public safety. I understand why we need them and try my best (in most scenarios) to obey them. (Going 5-8 mph over still counts…)

So, what’s my beef then? My beef is with those people who choose to travel BELOW the speed limit.

It never fails. Every morning, I leave my house for my 15-20 minute work commute and get stuck behind these leisurely travelers. Now, I’m not a crazy driver. I don’t ride up on other people’s bumpers. In fact, I’ve never even had any sort of warning during the more than 10 years I’ve had my driving privileges. (I came close once in P-burg that one time… thank goodness for my SUV.)

I don’t mind a nice relaxing drive every now and then. But, have some common courtesy. Just because you have no place to be, doesn’t mean the six cars stuck behind you are in the same situation.

Just as citations are given to people traveling above the speed limit, tickets should also be given to people traveling below the speed limit. There’s really just no reason for it.

Slow drivers are dangerous too.

Image can be found at http://www.cityofreno.com/res/police/trafficdivision/images/Speed_Limit_Sign.jpg.


MD said...


Ohio Revised Code § 4511.22. Slow speed.

(A) No person shall stop or operate a vehicle, trackless trolley, or street car at such a slow speed as to impede or block the normal and reasonable movement of traffic, except when stopping or reduced speed is necessary for safe operation or to comply with law.

Tiny said...

Hehehe... Awesome MD. If only it'd be enforced...

Mz Benz said...

What about people who make U-turns onto the service drives on major highways, traveling at 70 mph?

Damn... I can't believe I did that. Good thing two years of navigating Detroit traffic has honed my driving skills! :D