Words of wisdom – Jason Wahler from Laguna Beach

“I have my moments where I just go blank and idiot acting. For instance I was getting in the shower this morning and I forgot why I got in the shower. Then all the sudden it hits me… Oh yeah because I need a shower.” (Quote compliments of http://blog.myspace.com/jasonwahler.)

Wow. With such a mind-blowing personality and obvious elevated intelligence, I can definitely see why all the girls on LG went crazy for you, Jason. Keep in mind, though, that someday those good looks will go and all you’ll have left to offer are conversations like this.

My words of wisdom to you: “If you manage to rope in a purdy lass now, do all you can to keep her.”


M said...

Oh my.

This kid is a danger to himself and to others.

I blame drugs.

Sarah said...

I'm NOT a fan of Jason's.

this post just sealed my dislike for him.

M said...

Sarah! I didn't know you watched the LB! How did I not know this.

Season 3 tonight. I didn't think I would watch it, but now I'm pretty sure I'll tune in. If nothing else, to see what the kids are wearing these days so I can stay hip.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

I'm laughing.

Michelle. I love it that you watch that show.