7up anyone?

Remember that awesome game from grade school called “7up?” (The one where everyone in the class puts their heads down and later are asked to guess which, if any, student tapped them on the shoulder.)

I’m pretty close to passing out today and was reminded of the game when I realized my head had accidentally fallen down onto my desk. (I may have also been close to drooling.)

I was seriously AWESOME at 7up.


Anonymous said...

I liked Mums-the-word better. You can't really cheat at that one, and it involved throwing things.

wrestling kitties said...

Oh, the good old days! I wish I could just play those games again and not have to worry about work and life!

Anonymous said...

LOVED the game.

We also played, "Around the World." You could either do the "spelling" or the "math" version.

One kid would stand next to another kid's desk, the teacher would ask a question, "4 x 5" and whoever yelled "20!" could move on to the next kid. LOVED that.

(Thinking about it...did Seven Up teach us anything? Except for how to decipher taps? Hm...)