I woke up singing one of my all-time favorite T-town jingles this morning.

(Can't think of all the words, but sing along if you know the tune...)

... Should be a sight to see.
And every ???? ????,
should say it beautifully.
At Reynold's Corner Dental,
making every smile count.

Another favorite:

Come on everybody get it done you know the one.
Call 1.800.Hanson.
Get it done.


1.800.588.2300 Empire!


* Please note that not all jingles are effective. Think "Davis College" for a moment. Brutal.


M said...

Goodness, I just don't know it. I've tried.

I'll keep my eye out for that commercial.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

I don't know it either...but hearing/reading them make me miss home. :-(

wrestling kitties said...

Findlay has a funny "jingle" for one of their commercials. It is for Bio-Life Plasma Center - who knew you could put a jingle to something like that?!?! LOL!

Tiny said...

Awesome, J. If ever you have the urge to belt it out at lunch, please feel free to do so:)