Where's Meredith?

In lieu of A not being home in the mornings, I've taken to a new routine. I now do most of my beautifying in the bedroom, while watching TV. (I'm multi-talented.)

Because I've watched the "Today Show" for such a long time, it's somewhat of a habit to automatically turn to NBC. (Truth be told, I was also excited to see how Meredith fits into the equasion.)

So, where the heck is she? Did she take a vacation already? Is that allowed? Or, is she only on air after I leave for work in the morning?

Please enlighten me if possible.


Tiny said...

After further discussion and a bit of time on the Internet, it's become clear to me that Meredith's debut is next week.

Thank you.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

:-) I always watch the Today show, too. I like it better than the others. I just do.hu