Are you talking to me?

These things kill me.

Don't get me wrong, I actually think they're incredibly genius. You can talk all you want and still have your hands free at all times.

My favorite, though, is when some student is walking around campus with one of these babies on their ear. You can never tell if 1) they're talking on the phone, 2) they're talking to you, or 3) they're just crazy.

I just had such a run-in. It left me very confused.


wrestling kitties said...

haha! T. has one of these he uses when he drives, but a couple times he has forgotten to take them out of his ear when he has gone into the store and I have definatly made fun of him! I agree, you can never tell who people are talking to when they have them in. I was caught recently by one of our computer techs here who i thought was talking to me but alas he was talking on that damn blue tooth thing!

Anonymous said...

Hate 'em.

I have a co-worker who uses his all the time. Still talks with his hands, and stares forward as if he's talking to a "real" person.

Flips me out.