The old standby's

Don’t you just love those great cds that you can put in and listen to over and over again? Billy Joel’s Greatest Hits double-disc album has kept me from nodding off at work on many occasions.

Other favorite classic albums include:
Counting Crows (“August and Everything After”)
Dave Matthews (“Crash”)
Dirty Dancing soundtrack
Dixie Chicks (“Fly”)
Garth Brooks (“The Hits”)
Oasis (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?

What are some of your favorites?


Anonymous said...

All excellent CDs and classics.

I'd like to add:
Simon & Garfunkel's Greatest Hits
Carole King's Tapestry
James Taylor's Greatest Hits


Mr. Lionel Richie's Definitive Collection.

Anonymous said...

I will add:

Janis Joplin's Greatest Hits
Crosby, Still's, Nash (& sometimes Young)...anything, any album
some may not agree, but one that always uplifts me because it is flat out goofy; They Might Be Giants Flood

maybe more...just can't think. However, that 2disc Billy Joel is one of the best. And I'd add the entire Uptown Girl album.

wrestling kitties said...

You know, I have to say I am not a Billy Joel fan. I mean if he is on the radio I don't hate him - infact I don't mind listening to some of his songs, but for me I don't own any of his CD's and that is ok with me - but I don't hate him, just not that into him!

For me my classic "over and over" CD's would be"
-the Beatles (anything)
- Frank Sinatra - greatest Hits
- Louise Armstrong/Miles Davis/ Any jazz really
- Garth Brooks the Hits is a great one K!!
- Indigo Girls, Become you and Retrospective (I know, not that classic yet but I could listen to them all day long!!)
- Eric Clapton, The Best of
- John Hiatt, The Best of (One of my all-time favorite musicians!!!!)

Mz Benz said...

Smashing Pumpkins,Tonight

Rolling Stones, She's So Cold and Little T&A

Prince, Gett Off

Bobby Darin, Lazy River and Mack the Knife

Johnny Cash, Walk the Line and Folsom Prison Blues

KC&The Sunshine Band, Shake Your Booty

Tiny, I have to agree with you on the Billy Joel... I remember rocking out to "Uptown Girl" when I was like 3 years old in Dallas!