No Britney!!! We are all rooting for you to make a gigundous comeback. If you keep hanging out with Paris Hilton, I'm afraid I (like many others out there) won't be in your corner much longer.


Anonymous said...

Oh. This is not good. NOT good.

Mz Benz said...

SNL's Tiny Fey was on the Howard Stern show recently and went on an incredibly awesome rant about what a waste of life Paris Hilton is. Check out the excerpt here: http://thesuperficial.com/2006/11/tina_fey_speaks_the_truth.html

(I don't think I did the hyperlink correctly, you may have to copy and paste.)

M said...

Yeah, not the smartest move she could make if she's staging a comeback.

She's only asking for trouble. And trashiness.

She should stay away from LL too. That girl, despite my warnings, is headed nowhere good.

wrestling kitties said...

Not Good! Oh Brit, why her?!?!?! Please tell me this is over and was just a quick phase! Don't follow the trashy Paris route!!

Anonymous said...

I'm home sick today - and have been reading stuff online.

According to tmz.com, Britney actually ended without wearing pants at the end of that night with Paris.

There was a picture. Sad.

Tiny said...

Oh man. Just when we thought she was on the up-and-up. Not good my friends. Not good at all.

Hope you feel better K!