I heart Christmas

Like so many people out there, I joined the masses this weekend and set off to the mall for some holiday shopping.

It was a very successful trip.

K's list? Completed. A's list? About five more people to go.

I decided to wrap when we got home. And, sitting in our living with our Christmas tree and other decorations, I looked around and got "that" feeling. The feeling of happiness. Of bliss. Of celebration and song. Of Christmas.

Please. Just call me Tiny Tim.


Anonymous said...

I'm envious of this "Christmas" feeling you're currently possessing.

I've yet to make out my shopping list.
I've yet to decorate anything.
I still believe it's July.

I cannot WAIT to come home to COLD and SNOW!!!!


Tiny said...

Hehehehe..."I still believe it's July."


Rest easy... I'm sure it'll be plenty cold for you when you visit:)