It's been far too long

Went out to look at Christmas lights last night – one of my absolute favorite things to do this time of year. Anyway, on the way home we stopped for sundaes at McDonald's. I ordered strawberry, which brought back memories of childhood. (After school, my mom would sometimes treat me to either a small fry or a sundae at McD's.)

It was so wonderful. There will definitely be more strawberry sundaes in my future.

* I got mine with no nuts.


Anonymous said...

YUM. Oh my gosh that looks so good.

Can you please go eat a Wendy's frosty today and tell me how wonderful that was, too?!?!

(I like your note about "no nuts." Thank you for the clarification.)

Unsub said...

Nuts ruin the Strawberry goodness. Crunchy toppings are only acceptable on the hot fudge sundae.