Canine couture

I have a huge soft spot for little sweaters on dogs. (Whether you view that as doggie torture is completely up to you.)

The example to the left - while not my actual dog - is in fact a sweater that my mom gave Cooper for Christmas. It's adorable. And, it came in a four-pack.

Oh yes my friends. Cooper will be styling all year round in his snowman sweater, pumpkin sweater and turkey day sweater.

Hehehe. So cute.


wrestling kitties said...

Since I like Cooper and he is SO very adorable I will let this slide!!! I normally am not a fan of doggie clothes at all...maybe a cute collar or something around their neck, but other than that no. But like I said Cooper is cute and I am sure he pulls off the look wonderfully!!!

P.S. I do like halloween costums on pets, hehe! Those are SO cute!!!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Sweaters on dogs are adorable.

Cooper is going to look very handsome.