I heart my heater

I work in an institution of higher learning.

Institutions of higher learning often times need to cut back on costs due to a "flat" or diminishing budget.

During the "holiday" break, heat is apparently the first thing to go in most buildings.

The temperature in the Law School may have reached 50 degrees by days end today.

Holy crap.

Thank goodness for my wonderful heater.

* For the record, it wasn't just me. M, even you and A would have been shiverin' in your timbers:) (Well... maybe...)


Anonymous said...

I might've put on a sweater, but it'd have to get pretty darn cold for me to break out a heater! :-)

Tiny said...

Hehehehe... It was pretty darn cold:)

Anonymous said...

I know I'll probably get no sympathy, but the temperature in my office often reaches 50. Our air is FREEZING.