I watched the whole thing

Do you ever get stuck watching movies that you know are just awful, but yet you keep watching?

This happened to me on Sunday. I woke up thinking I was going to be all productive, run some errands, finally go to Ikea (er, don't even get me started). Then, I got sucked into "Romancing the Bride" on the Oxygen channel.

It was a movie about a girl (Laura Prepon) who was supposed to get married in a destination wedding in Mexico. Long story short, she finds her husband-to-be shacked up with the wedding planner. She then goes out to a shady Mexican bar and drinks "Mexican moonshine," which makes her unable to remember any of her actions. While under the moonshine spell, she meets a "Mexican" man (with a horrible accent) and falls into bed, love and marriage. Chaos ensues.

Heavens. Absolutely brutal. Yet, I kept watching. Wasted two perfectly good hours of my life waiting to see what the future held for the damsel in distress, meanwhile knowing exactly how the cheesefest would end.

I'll never get those two hours back.


Sarah said...

Ugh. How annoying. I would like to say that I did the same thing this weekend with The Devil Wears Prada. I found it incredibly predictable. I'd much rather watch Ugly betty. (Sorry to all those who like that movie!)

Tiny said...

The book was so much better. They changed the ending to make viewers happy. In the book, she tells Miranda off in the middle of fashion week, goes back to her home in the countryside with her fam, and breaks up with her boyfriend. So much better.

wrestling kitties said...

Oh, I think we have all done that before!! I'm sorry. (That is why I have a DVR, hehehe)

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

I love The Devil Wears Prada. Sad, I know. I just really heart Meryl Streep.