SICHUAN , China -- "One zoo in southwest China has its hands full with 16 baby pandas. The Sichuan Wolong Panda Protection and Breed Center is dealing with the results of a breeding boom -- 16 pandas have been born since July, 2006. The brood includes five sets of twins. The cubs are weighed and measured every five days (see pics) The heaviest tips the scale at just over 24 pounds, while the lightest weighs about 11 pounds. The pandas are due to stop suckling by February, 2007 just about the time they'll start learning to walk. Once weaned, the panda cubs will attend panda kindergarten. In the meantime, more little ones are expected at the center since 38 giant pandas were artificially impregnated."
On a somewhat related note, how weird is the word "suckling?" Makes me giggle and cringe at the same time.


wrestling kitties said...

How nice! I love pandas!

Yeah, the word suckling is weird! because we got Belle a little too early she tried to suckle my neck a couple times - gross!!!

M said...

At first glance, I thought these people were holding soccer balls. Ha!

Hopefully all the zoo haters read this. They do incredible things. Having this many pandas is amazing!

Anyone who has lived in toledo for a while most definitely has some sort of panda paraphenalia from when the pandas were at our zoo. I would bet money on it.

In short: pandas are cute.