Little help "Heroes" fans?

So, I won't go into how I think "Heroes" is one of the greatest shows ever... I think I've stated that enough on this blog already.


Anyway, my BP and I were getting a little frustrated online trying to find a good "Heroes" message board. Anyone out there know of one we could try?

Also, if you'd like to talk about any possibly theories (take for example how A thinks that Sylar is Claire's dad), I'd be more than happy to discuss.


wrestling kitties said...

Yeah, I just go to NBC.com and read the stuff there. Mainly the comic books and stuff, so that is the only message board I really know of.

Good call on Syliar being her dad, I was also think Peter's brother. It has to be someone we already know. Unless of course HRG guy is her real father...that could be interesting.

I am excited for next week! The last two episodes have asked alot of questions and I think next week we will get some answers! YAY!

(seriosuly...still don't know what is up with Hiro and the dinosaur!)

M said...

I agree. The dad is someone that we already know. The arm/sleeve/watch kinda looked like Peter's brother. But that doesn't seem suspenseful enough. I like HRG being the real father. That seems like something the show would do.

Yeah, the dinosaur thing has me completely confused. I think Hiro's whole plot line confuses me because of all of the back and forth with time. I can't keep it straight.

Here, here for more answers!

A. said...

I am so outta the loop! I have to catch up! B. and you guys should chat!