“Dodge the Lodge”

As if the commute to work in the morning wasn’t horrid enough, now, they’ve closed an essential D-town highway indefinitely.

Anyway, ever the intelligent driver, I’ve started taking a longer route (more miles, less time) that takes me past the airport.

I love it.

Something about planes flying in and the sun rising really just makes me happy. It’s very freeing to watch. Makes you remember just how big the world actually is.


M said...

I agree. I'm all about airports and planes.

My old apartment was very close to the airport and I always enjoyed sitting on my couch and looking out the big sliding glass door and seeing the planes fly overhead. They were so close! It was exciting for me. I miss it.

So cool.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

Excellent optimistic perspective you chose to take there, K. Good for you.