15 months of celibacy

Quick question for you.

If someone offered you a closet full of new clothes (matching shoes and the whole nine) for 15 months without sex, would you do it?

(Random question I heard on the radio…)


wrestling kitties said...

um, clothes are not that important to me in general so it would have to be something alot better than clothes to be without sex for that long.

Now we start talking about millions of dollars....then I will start thinking about no sex!!!!!

M said...

The interesting part about this is that it's not a one person type of question. There is most certainly another individual to consider here. (If you're in a couple that is.)

I know that my significant other would be adamantly opposed to this idea. If I chose clothes over sex, that would be a deal breaker for sure. It's quite selfish.

So, I guess my answer would be no.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

Um. No.

Sarah said...

Why 15 months? Did someone actually do this? Anyway, if I were single, I'd be all over that. Since I'm not, I've gotta pass. :)

Tiny said...

I don't know why they picked 15 months... It's a very random time frame, huh?