I heard an interesting conversation on the radio the other day. They were talking about how this woman in China has started a “rent-a-bridemaid” business.

This, I just don’t get. Is it so important for brides to have a certain number of friends standing up there at the altar? Is it a cultural thing? Why on earth would you let (hire even!) a total stranger to share in your oh-so-special day?

My friends, I ask you. Do you know of anyone who would utilize this kind of service?


Two/Dos Pretzels said...


M said...

Um, I think, two/dos pretzels, that we DO know someone who would do this. Someone who recently got married and forced the guy to eliminate members of his side to compensate for the lack of ladies on her side. Yeah, she would do this.

Sarah said...

M & K.... I really want to know who that is!