Cautiously optimistic

Our realtor (who is a bit out there and too John Candy-esque for my taste) signed us up for an online survey. Once potential buyers go through our home, they're asked to fill out the below short survey. I thought I'd share the results thus far with you.

Showing Statistics

Total Number of Showings - 24
Number of Responses- 20
Response Rate- 83%


On a scale of 1 to 4. Did your buyers like the property?
No - 0%
Somewhat - 37%
Yes - 53%
Very interested - 11%

What did you think of the Price?
Above market value - 24%
At market value - 76%

Are they considering a second showing?
Yes - 19%
Possibly - 38%
No - 44%

Are they considering making an offer?
Yes - 17%
Possibly - 42%
No - 42%

Rate the exterior.
Well maintained - 19%
Average - 81%
Poor - 0%

Rate the interior.
Well maintained - 89%
Average - 11%
Poor - 0%

Please rate the lot/landscaping/view.
Above average - 13%
Average - 87%
Below average - 0%

Please rate the location.
Above average - 0%
Average - 88%
Below average -13%

Have your buyers made an offer on another property?
Yes - 12%
No - 88%

I'm cautiously optimistic. Although, if you would all pray, chant, cross your fingers or whatever, that'd help too!


Anonymous said...

...crossing my fingers & toes for ya!

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

K - this is extremely interesting. I love the idea of a web survey.

Do you happen to know what software/site people go to? I'm wondering if this isn't something we could use here in MX.

Keep your chin up - something will happen soon!

Tiny said...

Hmmm... I'll ask my realtor and get back to you on that.

I love being able to see what people think. (There's also an "additional comments" section at the end of the survey...)

It's pretty great.