Favorite landmarks

When I was younger, I remember passing the Uniroyal Tire every time we went to the airport to pick up family or friends who were flying in to visit. When we saw it, I knew we were close to seeing loved ones.

I pass it everyday now on my way to work. Still love the sight.

Do you have a favorite landmark you pass while driving?


A. said...

YES! Back home, there is a small pine tree along the side of the road. Someone decorates it for every holiday. There are no houses within a 2 miles radius, so someone has to drive to that tree to decorate it. Valentine's Day, Easter, St. Patrick's Day! Every holiday is covered. Even Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day and - my favorite - the Defiance County Fair!

When I was a reporter back there, I wrote about the tree and how much I loved it, but no one came forward to claim it.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

There is something about passing large, weird things like that.

I LOVED seeing the big baseball (Detroit Tigers) on the way to Detroit.

Childhood memories.

And, if you grew up in Toledo - you will remember that on 75 near the Jeep plant they ALWAYS had a JEEP on top of the building. I thought that was SO COOL! ("Mom, HOW.DID.THEY.GET.THAT.UP.THERE?!") And, right across from that was a dairy company and there was a HUGE carton of milk on the building.

I was in heaven. (The only time while driving in the car as a child that I was silent.)