This just in...

Source: PerezHilton.com

It's happening!
There had been talk recently, but now the ink is dry and the papers are signed!
Sources confirm exclusively to PerezHilton.com that Sarah Jessica Parker and everyone else involved just closed their deals this week to star in a big screen feature adaptation of Sex & The City.
And, yes, Kim Cattrall will be in it!


Two/Dos Pretzels said...

I'm quite surprised by this.

I have to tell you, I'm leaning towards, "Leave good enough alone." Can they top the show? Hmmm.... I just hope it's not cheesy like when sitcoms do one-hour specials and go to Europe and stuff. Those are always weird.

And, remember the Growing Pains reunion movie? Yikes.

I wonder if Big will be included. I read somewhere not too long ago that he loathes being called "Big" whenever he goes anywhere now. Hmmm...

Is this an ok time to say that I really don't like Kim Cattrall? Or her character on S&TC?

wrestling kitties said...

I am excited!!! I think they could do this RIGHT!!! I know there is always that fear of how they could pull this off, but I think for everyone to come back it must be a good script!

I do have a little fear about this, but overall I am SUPER excited! I miss S&TC so much!!

I don't like Kim in interviews and how she acts in real life - but I must say I LOVE her character! I love them all!! :D

Mz Benz said...

I am a huge S&TC fan, but I just can't imagine this movie being any good. The only TV show movie I can remember being halfway decent was "The X-Files", and that's because it was before the show wrapped up. (And David Duchovny was hot.) I mean, the whole point of Sex and the City was wild relationship adventures, and everyone was settled down at the end.