The return of the jelly shoe

I was flipping through one of my 50 Victoria's Secret magazines last night and was shocked to see jelly shoes adorning the bottom of a shoe page.

When did these come back? Am I completely out of the loop, or is this the start of the resurgence of the jelly trend?

I had pink and purple ones back in the day.


Mz Benz said...

I think fashion cycles are so funny. I remember back in middle school when oversized flannel shirts were the trend - I remember my dad saying, "Your shirt is too big! It's ridiculous! I bet in a few years the style is that everyone's clothes are going to be too small!" (Enter midriff baring shirts in the late 90s-early 00s. Looks like dad was right.)

But I digress. I'm not sure about the jelly shoes - I don't remember them being very comfortable. Like the edges were always very sharp.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

I will get a pair. Very exciting news story. Thanks for breaking it. :-)

I'm praying that when I have children, the really baggy clothing from my high-school years will be back in style.

wrestling kitties said...


I was SO sad to see them go! I am SUPER excited about hearing this!

Yeah, I can't remember how comfortable they were....I just remember i wore them ALL THE TIME!!!