A Disney Christmas

My family has decided to take off for Florida before the Christmas holiday this year. And, A and I have decided to join them!

We’ll spend Christmas Day traveling back home, but I don’t care. Something about Disneyworld is just so exciting.

I can’t wait to ride It’s a Small World and Pirate’s of the Caribbean with my nephew!

(I can't believe I'm writing about our Christmas plans in April...)


A. said...

How fun!

P.S. Happy Belated Birthday!

Curtis & Becky said...

I am so happy you decided to go and everything is working out!!

wrestling kitties said...

HA! That is way cool!

How exciting :D And what better way to spend Christmas then at the Happiest place on earth!!!

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

Oh wow! That'll be so much fun! Have a GREAT time!!!!