A lesson in patience

Disclaimer: This post is a bit gross and personal. Caution to readers.

Like most people out there, I will forever battle acne. (Fortunately the wonders of birth control have made this far less of an issue in life, but I digress.) The other day, I was blessed with the ugliest zit/scar on the end of my nose.

I know. Pretty, right?

Anyway, I kept telling myself not to pick and/or further iritate the blemish. It took every ounce of my being to will myself to leave it alone.

Well my friends, I'm proud to report that my patience has paid off. The scab has fallen off and left not a trace.

As one of the least patient people I know, I should be applauded for my efforts.

(I didn't think a picture was necessary for this post.)


A. said...

Bit gross and personal comment to follow:

I am not taking birth control at the moment and holy cow - you'd think I was 13 again! It's terrible.

TMI, but relevent.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

1. I'm glad you didn't post an image.
2. I have horrid patience with that stuff, too. As a fellow "picker" (ew), I commend you. Nice job.