If I could...

... I'd take a vacation at least four times a year.

... I'd live closer to my family.

... I'd turn in my wardrobe for a new one from Urban Outfitters.

... I'd eat nothing but chocolate shakes and key lime pie for dinner.

... I'd play volleyball every single day.

... I'd sew my own clothing.

... I'd speak seven different languages.

... I'd work part-time.



A. said...

* I'd eat ice cream every day.
* I'd take a vacation at least four times a year.
* I'd set the permanent forecast to 72 degrees and sunny with an occassional breeze and fluffy white clouds in a bright blue sky.
* I'd spend 3 hours outside every day.
* I'd go to a concert once a month.
* I'd write a best-selling novel.
* I'd never do dishes again.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

If I could...
*I'd buy a private jet which would allow me to go where ever, when ever.
*I'd have a super-high metabolish which would allow me to eat anything I want. In bulk.
*I'd have my own hair stylist/colorist, trainer and cook.
*I'd be a "shoe critic."

(That's it for now...)

Mz Benz said...

...I'd effortly ace all my finals and Multistate out of the Bar.

...I'd get an all-expenses paid shopping spree in New York with my Herald girls.

...I'd get Red Wings playoff tickets for D.

...I'd have bigger boobs.

...I'd win all my cases.

...I'd stop picking my cuticles.

wrestling kitties said...

First I have to 100% agree with A. about the weather...that sounds perfect!
- I'd work planning events for FUSE network & teach in my spare time
- I'd be back to my size in college while still being able to eat what I want all the time and not exercising
- I'd go to concerts once a month (good one too a.)
- I'd get a massage once a week
- I'd never be behind a desk for longer than 2-3 hours a day
- I'd have Nick Arrojo style my hair
- I'd live closer to my family