Hanky = Grossness

Have you ever witnessed someone sneeze and then reach in their back pocket to pull out a dingy old hanky, blow nose (hard) in said hanky, and then return it to their pocket?

I have. And, everytime I am witness to this I instantly cringe.

I somewhat understand the pro(s) to using a hanky. It's environmentally a good choice. It's what generations of people have used before us.

But, the GERMS! The GERMS! Ew. Gross. How can people be OK with reusing something that you blow snot into like that? (I shiver at the thought alone...)

* This post was inspired by a co-worker who lovingly stores his hanky in his back pocket to use only to wipe face, not to blow nose. You know who you are...


Two/Dos Pretzels said...

I agree.
The "hanky" is really gross.
REALLY gross.
And, I'm not sure if you've ever had the pleasure of using one, but they're anything but absorbent.

Iris Took said...

Gross! I agree! I remember my Grandpa pulling one out for me to blow my nose in when I was little and that pretty much scarred me. Nasty.

Flower Girl said...

Indeed, hankies should have gone the way of the dinosaur long ago. I happily contribute to landfills filled with disposable tissues and snot (which is biodegradable, by the way). :)

The Chairman said...

From the face-wiping co-worker:

I used to use my hanky for nose-blowing until I needed to peel it open to use it again after all dried. YUCK!