Light reading

One of A's reps brought this book to his work for me to read. I had never heard of it before but was intrigued by what I might find out about the Playboy Lifestyle. (Although I'm not a hard-core regular viewer of "Girls Next Door," I still enjoying letting my brain turn into mush and watching from time to time.)

It's by Izabella St. James, a law school graduate, who was one of Hef's seven girlfriends from 2002ish to 2004ish.

A few interesting things I learned?
- Girlfriends have a curfew of 9 a.m. every night - unless they're out with Hef
- Hef is ultra-regimented - will only eat food made by the Mansion staff (even while out at restaurants!)
- Hef provides an allowance (or used to anyway) of $1,000 per week
- All Girlfriends have had work done (compliments of Hef)
- Hef no longer allows his Girlfriends to be Playmates for fear that they might up-and-leave him once they've reached Playmate status (as has happened multiple times in the past)
- Many Girlfriends had other boyfriends on the side - two were (are) actually married! (Including current girlfriend Bridget!)
- The Playboy Mansion is not as ritzy as one might think inside
- Some of the girlfriends were never - or very seldom - intimate with Hef
- Viagra proves to be quite helpful for Hef - even though, according to the author, Hef is just a shadow of his former self in this respect
- Izabella St. James and other girlfriends did not like Holly and Bridget and painted them in a very negative light

Despite not being a great writer and aimlessly jumping from idea to idea, St. James' book was interesting enough for me to fly through in two days. I must say, though, St. James, who tries exceptionally hard to come across as an intelligent, worldly individual, leaves the reader with the impression that she's quite bitter, boring and a bit ungrateful.

Interesting, but I'd like to read a book from Holly or Bridget's perspective too.


Two/Dos Pretzels said...

VERY interesting. Bridget's married, huh? Interesting.

And, I'm glad to hear that Hef isn't having sex with all these girls. I find him repulsive.

wrestling kitties said...

I would like to read that book. I can't believe Bridget is married?!?!?! seriously???

TLC said...

Ok...the fact that Bridget is married just raised the whole "ick" factor even more for me.

(And the fact that I know who Bridget is...well, that's just sad. hahahahaha.)