Apartment downfall #1: Poor insulation

Just as A and I turned in last night, we started hearing slightly disturbing sounds coming from overhead. (Think squeaking bed...)

It kept going and going. And seemed to get louder with every second that passed.

We ended up turning the TV up (really loud!) to block out the noise.

Aaaahh, apartment living.


Mz Benz said...

Do you remember that show, "Caroline in the City"? There was this one episode where Richard was having the same problem you're having (noisy and, ah, amorous neighbors). A few days later he saw his neighbor in the hallway and politely said something like, "Next time you and your wife are in the mood, could you please keep it down? The other night it was very distracting." The neighbor turns white and goes, "What do you mean, the other night? I just got back from a week-long business trip!"

BUSTED! I would love to do that to someone. :D

Tiny said...

Hehehehe... That's awesome!

Also awesome that you referenced the ill-fated and not-very-well-watched "Caroline in the City." I liked that show.