The meat or the man?

Which do you prefer? Meatloaf the food? Or, Meatloaf the man?

Personally, after eating my mom's "Spamloaf" (against my will mind you), I think I'd prefer Meatloaf the man. I simply can't bare the thought of meatloaf at the moment.

How cool was that "And I would do anything for love" song anyway?


wrestling kitties said...

ick - spamloaf?!?!? Really?

I like both. Can't pick just one!

Quiet Oasis said...

Good post. Clever. I'd go with Meatloaf the man anyday. I was never a fan of the food, despite my whole family loving it.

I was going to say "maybe you really do like one or the other." But wrestling kitties proved that comment wrong. Oh well.

Iris Took said...

Meatloaf the man and I have the same birthday (which is this month), so naturally I would go with him.

Agreed. Clever post.