Fashion faux pas

A and I went to a wedding yesterday.

It was absolutely beautiful.

Something that really just irked me (and everyone else at my table), though, was a young woman who showed up in a long, flowy all-white dress - complete with salon coiffed hair!

Isn't it common knowledge that you don't do such a thing? I mean, a little bit of white (in moderation) is fine I suppose, just as long as you're obviously not trying to upstage the bride.

Who does that? It was so strange.


Steve said...

Haha, that reminds me of "Monster-In-Law", when Jane Fonda wears a very elegant white dress to Jennifer Lopez's wedding in an attempt to upstage her. Art imitates life, as they say :-D

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

I couldn't agree more. White should NEVER be worn to a wedding unless a.) the bride and groom request it or b.) unless the wearer-o-the-white is under five-years-old.



Mz Benz said...

Yeah that's tacky! I went to a wedding the other weekend and was hesitant to even wear a white dress with black print because I thought it might be a taboo... I eventually decided there was enough black in the dress to make it OK.

M said...

Oooh, I best not see any of this 39 days from now!

Heads will roll.

Ok, they won't, but I will certainly give some dirty looks. Trust me, nobody wants that.

TLC said...

yeah NO ONE but the bride should wear white to a wedding.

very, very tacky.

Iris Took said...

Agreed, very tacky. You could never upstage the bride on her day, so you just end up looking like a self-important idiot.

wrestling kitties said...

Big NO NO. My Nana wanted to wear an off-white long dress. My Dad actually put his foot down and said no. Instead she wore a big off-white hat! :-)