The Great (Union) Debate

If you live in the Mitten State, or anywhere remotely close to it for that matter, you're very aware of the GM strike.

Union employees are seeking improved benefits, wages, healthcare, etc. GM says it needs to reduce costs in order to survive. Lawyers and reps on both sides of the issue are fighting hard in negotiations.

The auto industry - our state's pride and joy and the one great source of income - is crumbling. Companies are relocating. Money is not being invested in higher education to train individuals for different/better responsibilities.

(Great wrap up, K...)

Bottomline: Whatever happens during this negotiation will greatly impact the Michigan economy for many years to come. The very livelihood of all Michigan workers is on the front lines - whether the union or GM accepts defeat.

That said, my view - and I hear its actually quite a right-wing one at that - is that the time for unions (which were created back in World War times to protect men, women and children who were losing arms and such working on extremely dangerous equipment) has come and gone. Michigan is not in a good place. Companies are being left with no alternatives but to move. All the while, unions keep asking for more.

How can we expect our businesses to stay competitive (and stay period) if they have to keep filtering money to union employees on such a high level? (I heard the other day that GM has to give $1,200 off the purchase of every car bought to union retirement funds alone...) When is the whole system going to break? I know it downright sucks to stop getting a certain wage or as good of benefits as maybe one used to, but wouldn't it be better in the long run to keep the few businesses we have left?

It's a new day. People need to focus on becoming trained and ready for what the future might bring. We need to leave the past alone.

* I would just like to reiterate the fact that I am not a union worker. Therefore, it is relatively easy to decide where I stand on this issue. If myself or my husband were a unionized autoworker, I'm sure I'd be singing a different tune.

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