Take it or leave it?

My husband flew to another city this morning for work. He'll be back this evening.

It all just sounded incredibly exhausting to me.

Do you travel in your job? Do you like to travel? Or, would you rather not?


A. said...

I don't travel for my job, but I sometimes wish I did. Not all the time, but I think every once in awhile would be cool. My friend T. flies to Korea a couple times a year and sings karaoke with Asians on the company's tab. I like the sound of that!

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

I fly on average, it seems, once a month. Because of my location and that EVERY FLIGHT I have to take to leave my location is international, I hate to fly. LOATHE it. I hate airports, too. I feel as if they're a big WASTE of time.

However, if ever I could fly to a meeting, then fly back (only been able to do that twice) - I would love it. So nice not having to pack or make a big production of anything.

wrestling kitties said...

I HATE flying. I am scared to death of it! So I don't think I would ever take a job where I am expected to fly on a regular basis. I am going to have to be drunk or something whenever we go to Ireland!!

Iris Took said...

I love to travel and really look forward to trips for work. I would say that I go on a trip about once a month, sometimes more. I like to fly and airports are exciting to me. Maybe I just love being out of the office :)