A glimpse into the future

I went to the urologist today (for reasons I'll choose to keep semi-confidential...).

As I walked in, I was struck by the fact that every one of the 10-15 other patients in the waiting room were at least 40+ years my senior.

I then waited in my room (which was situated right across from the bathroom patients use to give urine samples) for close to 40 minutes. The door was cracked open, so I could hear all the commotion outside and see all the little old men and women patients walk to and fro.

My favorite conversation? A nurse yelling to the old man inside that it was ok if he couldn't "go." Trouble was, he was a little hard of hearing as well and couldn't hear the nurse outside the door. (The nurses didn't know what to do. Poor guy. I think he was in there for like 15 minutes!)

It was indeed quite an experience. Certainly one that makes you thankful that old mother nature often takes her sweet time.

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Welcome to my world! :)