Did you partake?

Did you partake in Black Friday shopping?

We passed a Best Buy around 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving evening and there were already a number of folks in line, in tents. I found this to be absolutely ridiculous. No TV, computer or any other electronic apparatus is worth that much to me.

We went to the mall for dinner. (Classy, eh?) But, I did not do any holiday shopping.


TLC said...

we went to the mall last night (yes, we are insane). it wasn't too bad until the near-riot outside JC Penney's. [apparently 2 clerks caught some shoppers spreading holiday cheer via shoplifting and chased them out of the store. it was VERY scary and really put a damper on the whole holiday thing].

i vow to never to to the mall again on a friday night. ever.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

Nope. Did absolutely no shopping.

M said...

I totally did. My Mom and I went at 9. Not too crazy, we debated doing the 6 a.m. thing, but decided against it.

Quite honestly, I was prepared to be annoyed but the mall really wasn't that bad. Plus, the deals you can get in the morning are so worth it! I love a good sale.

I would never camp out though. That's a little too hard core.