Has this happened to you?

There I was. Peacefully working out in our quaint little gym at our apartment complex. Alone. Watching a chick flick on the USA Network when all of a sudden some dude comes in, completely out of nowhere, and says, "Hey, can I change the channel?"

In my head I was thinking "Are you kidding? I was here first! I know it may not be what you want to watch, but aren't there rules to this whole situation?!"

My mouth said, "Sure. No problem."

For the last half of my once blissful workout session I had to watch ESPN. Er.


Two/Dos Pretzels said...


Stupid meat head.

MzBenz said...

You should have been like, "Um, I just want to finish this movie. Do you mind? I won't be much longer, I'm just trying to jog off these vicious menstrual cramps I've been having." Guar-an-TEED he would have backed off faster than Lindsay Lohan facing a sobriety meeting. The "m-word" is like kryptonite to men. :D