Bad work ethic?

I was cleaning out my old files earlier this morning when I ran across a folder with pay stubs from all the jobs I worked at from 1999-2003. I must say, I don't remember working 12 jobs in four years! What a horrible employee! Can you say A.D.D.?

In case you don't believe me, here's a brief (and somewhat embarassing) rundown. I think they're in the proper order...

Employer: Thomas Edison Inn
Duration: 8 months (?)
Title: Hostess/Server

Employer: Port Huron Hospital
Duration: About 4 months
Title: Copy Queen

Employer: Western Herald
Duration: 2 years (with a 4 month break that allowed for the next three positions)
Title: Copy Editor

Employer: Meijer
Duration: 3 months
Title: Beauty section stockgirl

Employer: Kalamazoo County Chamber of Commerce
Duration: 4 months
Title: Marketing Intern

Employer: International Gilmore Keyboard Festival
Duration: 3 months
Title: PR Intern

Employer: CGI Communications
Duration: 2 weeks
Title: Professional map seller

Employer: Voyageur Restaurant
Duration: 3 months
Title: Server

Employer: Red Lobster
Duration: 6 months max
Title: Bartender

Employer: Reno's East (at MSU)
Duration: 1 month
Title: Server/Beer Bitch

Employer: Fore Lakes Golf Club
Duration: 4 months
Title: Server/Bartender

Employer: St. Clair County Community College
Duration: 2 stints equaling about a year
Title: Admin. Asst. in President's Office

... Professional jobs finally began at this point... Woohoo!

I can't believe I still had pay stubs on file for some of these. Amazing.

Were you a bit like me during your formative college years? Did you tend to job hop?


Jaslene said...

Professional Map Seller? I can't stop laughing. If I saw someone have that on their resume I would ask them about 10 questions on that....

TLC said...

i was wondering about that too....

MzBenz said...

Well it could be worse - you could have gotten fired from three of those jobs in a nine-month period... like this one person I know *walks away whistling*

Tiny said...


Yes. I was a professional map seller for two weeks. It was my first "real" job out of college. I was told I would be a marketing coordinator. In actuality, I was in door-to-door outdoor sales. Selling spots on a map to area businesses.

What a scam. Damn monster.com.

The Chairman said...

I was not a hopper even before I was a grown-up. Had major jobs 1982-87 and 1987-93. Two short stints for money as second jobs during those times. The Chairman hates change.