Saturday night movies

A and I endulged in a movie marathon last night. We sat down to watch Elizabeth and Elizabeth: The Golden Age. My thoughts are as follows:

1) Cate Blanchett is truly amazing.
2) What great casts in both movies.
3) Joseph Fiennes is now on my list.
4) What a fabulous history lesson. (I'm sure it stayed fairly true to facts...)
5) I want to wear those dresses.
6) I'm eager to learn more about English/British monarchies.
7) I would never want to be queen of a country. She seemed so sad.
8) I'm so excited to visit London!

I think that's about it. Two thumbs up for both movies!


Anonymous said...

How funny! J & I rented Elizabeth: The Golden Age last night...and I am pretty sure I said at least 4 of the same comments to J :)...WEIRD!

wrestling kitties said...

I really enjoyed these movies as well! The acting and costums were amazing!