How often do you clean out...

... your medicine cabinet?

Apparently, I don't do it often enough. I just put a cough drop in my mouth that was best if used by March 2005.


* Update: Seems to be working. Just tastes a little funny.


wrestling kitties said...

Well the last time was when we moved....just over a year ago.

However, there is a pretty high turnover rate on the medicine in our cabinet. :( We don't let too many of our medicines go bad. Whether that is good or bad, well we won't talk about that!!!

MD said...

Medicines, unlike food, are really more dictated by their efficacy than by "going bad". The FDA requires that medicines have an expiration date of when they are only 95% percent effective (I am uncertain of this number, it may be 98% or 90%...but you get the idea).

The vast majority of medicines do not break down into some horrible compound that can kill you, though some medicines do. These medicines most definitely have warnings about this happening.

So don't feel bad. Old doesn't mean bad or harmful, just slightly less effective. All that said, updating the stuff is a good idea from time to time, no doubt.

wrestling kitties said...

HA! Good to know!

Or you just keep taking your medicines quickly and avoid coming close to an expiration date all together!!!

hehe - I kid, I kid