Once every 15 years is enough

A and I went to a gigantic flea market this weekend in an effort to get out of the house, walk around, and not spend money.

I hadn't been to this particular place in at least 15 years - at which time I was uber-psyched to go home with an "authentically-signed" Isiah Thomas framed poster. (I swear it was my absolute most prized possession for at least three years...)

Anyway, it was a little less glamourous than I remembered. I mean, aside from the posh goose wardrobe line, the poufy sports jackets, the guns and the hordes of "designer" purses, I was a little disappointed.

Plus, I couldn't get over the fact that dog breeders cage up their pups and sell them there. Seemed so wrong that A and I nearly went home with another rascal.

All in all, I'm pretty sure I won't need to frequent that market for at least another 15 years.

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wrestling kitties said...

My Husband is a huge fan of flea markets and antique stores. I mean HUGE! I frankily can't stand them.

I think maybe it is b/c I just don't like the browsing part of shopping in the first place, I usually go in with a game plan on knowing exactly what I want, where I can find, and getting it and getting out as soon as possible.

So when I have to go to these places with my husband and I am forced to look around at every little knick knack my boredom meter fills up pretty darn quick. Granted I think there are some cool things sometimes, but I don't need to look at everything and examin things like my husband does.

To me, these places are just not my idea of fun. Of course maybe it is just b/c I go with my husband :)