Any tips?

As the big trip gets closer and closer, I'm starting to read a bit online about how one gets prepared for such an endeavor. I've read a bunch of tips from strangers online, but thought I'd ask my friends and fellow bloggers who have traveled abroad as to their #1 travel tips?

I've also been reading quite a bit about the pickpockets over there... And am, quite frankly, a little concerned.

Any tips or ideas are appreciated!


Brian said...

You do have to watch out for pick pockets (I witnessed a couple in Rome), but they are easily thwarted by keeping cash/credit cards/passport in one of those pouch belts that you keep under shirt. I forget what they're called, but they work great.

Also, as you purchase gifts and stuff to take home, just mail it home immediately. Pay the cash...don't make the mistake I made of trying to carry everything with you the whole time.

Trophy Life said...

good tip to get a little pouch pocket for your credit cards.
also, make a photocopy of the front and back of every credit/debit card you take; give that photocopy to your mother/friend and the mother/friend of your travel partner. this way if ANYTHING would happen, you can quickly call ONE person who can call and cancel all card for you from the US. you won't have to worry about internation phone stuff this way.

one thing that helped me was getting extra large ziplock bags and putting shirts in one, underwear in one, etc. you'll keep everything ULTRA organized (and remarkably unwrinkled) and you can shift things around, sealing all dirty clothes in one ziplock after another (keeping them from polluting the rest of your suitcase). you can pack SO MUCH more this way too. trust me.

Tiny said...

Thanks for your tips!!!!!

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

Take a stain stick so you can wear clothes more than once.

B said...

little pouch pocket = money belt. They can usually be found in office supply stores near all the bags and briefcases and stuff.